Intuitive Guidance

An intuitive session is more than just shuffling the cards and memorising key phrases associated with each card. When I host a session, I use my cards as a visual support to tap into my intuition and connect with a higher level of consciousness. A session focuses on growth, healing, awareness and positivity. Imagine putting your current life path under a microscope - this session allows you to do just that.


My goal is to help you become aware of, acknowledge or remove blocks you may be experiencing or about to experience. Putting yourself first to shine as best as possible. I work in the present with an eye towards the future.


A 30 - 40 minute "virtual" session  will go beyond a single card deck, I draw upon other materials based upon the person. This may include gemstones, pendulum, oracle - tarot cards or my unique angel wing shells.


Please note - an intuitive session does not replace Professional Medical/Legal/Business Opinion and Advice.

Sessions are available via video conference using Messenger / Whatsapp / Instagram / Zoom and cost 20€


Thank you for today, everything made sense, not sure how I can explain but it did. I' pleased I found you xx

you have helped me so much through the last 12 months both with cards and gem stones. I can't thank you enough. xx


Je voulais te remercier pour hier après-midi. Ton écoute, attention et toute l'énergie d'amour et d'espoir que tu m'as donné. Merci!


Thanks a lot for yesterday's session. Impressive! All the information made sense and were spot on! I really recommend to all ladies here to have a session with you; especially in this special circumstances we are encountering. Can bring some clairvoyance and connection to our higher self which can be overwhelmed by all the fear and the realisation that the future is in any case unknown.


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