my intuitive world

An intuitive session is more than just shuffling the cards and memorising key phrases associated with each card. When I host a session, I use my cards as a visual support to tap into my intuition and connect with a higher level of consciousness. A session focuses on growth, healing, awareness and positivity. Imagine putting your current life path under a microscope - this session allows you to do just that.


My goal is to help you become aware of, acknowledge or remove blocks you may be experiencing or about to experience. Putting yourself first to shine as best as possible. I work in the present with an eye towards the future.

I have been reading intuitively for over 15 years and have now established an international client base. I can read in English or French.


Several different sessions are available. Have a look at my "menu" and decide which one is the most appropriate for you.

All readings are live video readings via Messenger / Whatsapp / Instagram / Zoom. You are welcome to make notes and record the session. At the end of the session you will receive a photo of your cards and any other material used...
All Sessions need to be booked and paid for in advance. A mutual date & time will be agreed for the live video readings,  upon agreement you will receive a link for payment (credit card or paypal). I obviously reserve the right to cancel and should this be the case I will offer a full refund. Please note - an intuitive session does not replace professional medical/ legal business opinion and advice.



Thank you for today, everything made sense, not sure how I can explain but it did. I'm.so pleased I found you xx

you have helped me so much through the last 12 months both with cards and gem stones. I can't thank you enough. xx


Thanks a lot for yesterday's session. Impressive! All the information made sense and were spot on! I really recommend to all ladies here to have a session with you; especially in this special circumstances we are encountering. Can bring some clairvoyance and connection to our higher self which can be overwhelmed by all the fear and the realisation that the future is in any case unknown.


Je voulais te remercier pour hier après-midi. Ton écoute, attention et toute l'énergie d'amour et d'espoir que tu m'as donné. Merci!

Thank you for the live reading Kylee...Loved listening to them all...Rather taken back by mine, totally unexpected and beautiful words - she is grounded and has surprised me at times by her words...Bought a tear to my eye and has given me alot to think about x


Thank you Kylee for yesterdays reading - the message was very clear - I am so ready to go out there

It has given me a lot of thought and loads of ideas to make it happen.

Thank you for your beautiful way of expressing the things that needs to be said both reassuring and straight forward at the same time. Thank you!

Thank you so much for my reading today. Hit the nail right on the head. I think it was my Gran .. She would have used that expression ... Reduced me to tears. I love your down to earth approach. So one advantage of lockdown has been coming into contact with you. Thanks again Kylee x