Kylee began working with semi-precious gemstones way back in 2003. She is a self-taught jeweller with her own makers mark for working with silver. Her designs today are based on her intuition. She has a secure knowledge of the benefits of wearing gemstones and will guide her clients accordingly. Kylee sources her stones internationally and has established excellent links in India. 

Kylee has developed her jewellery range to include a well stocked 'Bar à Pierres" offering a vast range of tumbled stones and gemstones.

Please make an appointment with Kylee if you would like to discuss in detail stones suitable for you and any "life path" readings.



Kylee designs and creates with the upmost care. Her aim is to provide authenticity, fulfilment and serenity. All gemstones are genuine, and Kylee takes great care to exclusively use solid 925 silver or 12 / 14kt gold filled.


Her jewellery is quite delicate and despite using robust, professional material suitable for daily wear, it is important to follow a few guidelines to maintain the original beauty of the gemstones. Kylee encourages you to use your intuition when wearing one of her creations but she also advises you to do the following:

* remove your jewellery at the pool, beach or spas because chlorinated or salty water can tarnish and damage the stones.

* avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions, household products etc,

* store them carefully in the organza pouch provided.


* remove them at night. Your stones are like you, they need to rest and recharge. Use the pouch provided with your rock crystal or place your jewellery on a stone used to recharge them. Kylee uses selenite and a "Flower of Life" for her gemstones.


Please don't hesitate to contact Kylee should you have any questions.


Worth knowing - once Kylee has finished making a piece of jewellery she uses several methods to cleanse it energetically and charge it. Your piece is then placed inside an organza pouch with a piece of quartz / rock crystal. When you receive the piece of jewellery you do not need to clean or charge it. You could however "program" your jewellery. For more information, follow this link.


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