je crée, je porte, j'assume

Kylee has been working with gemstones since 2003. Self-taught with her own maker's mark, she relies heavily on her intuition to create unique and personal jewellery.

She has an extensive knowledge about stones and how gemstones can benefit general well being and has over the years established excellent links for sourcing her materials internationally.

Kylee's clients feel well guided and trust her her intuition & magic.

Please see her studio-boutique opening times or alternatively contact her for a personal appointment.

Kylee designs and creates with the  utmost care. Her goal is to bring you authenticity, fulfillment and serenity. All the gemstones are genuine and Kylee takes great care to use only solid silver 925 or 12 / 14kt gold filled.

Initiated in Reiki, Kylee infuses positive energies into her jewellery designs


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