Colourful clothes make you smile - fact!

I have followed the blog  Advanced Style  for many years. Initially as a wonderful inspirational resource for my  Attention Seekers Collection!

 And nowadays I just love reading about the people they feature. The one thing everyone has in common  is a zest for like and stunning colourful costumes.

Today, the Advanced Style blog shared a photo from the 5th Avenue Easter Parade,  it made me smile, you can't not help smile.... Colourful, happy people growing old with class, grace and a passion to look and feel good.... so as this long weekend draws to a close I ask you to take a look at the colours you wear... do they make you smile, radiate happiness and feel good? 

Perhaps we should all take a good look at ourselves  and be inspired by these stunning colours, costumes and dazzling smiles!

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