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Incense is a bit like marmite - you either love it or hate it. Those that love it have their favourite aromas - those that hate it simply think they all stink whatever the aroma.

So, I have been on a bit of an educational journey. For several years I have used and sold Citronella to ward off the mosquitoes. I have always favoured the Stamford brand of Citronella incense as it Citronella oils known as a repellent. I have also used Vanilla to disguise the smell of the ageing guard dog in the studio-boutique and use regularly a combination of incense to cleanse my working space and the house from time to time.

Incense is easy to buy, however buying the right quality isn't that easy. There are several factors that now make me question the quality of what I source to sell. Qualities in the past that I didn't even think about. All I looked for was aroma + price. So having learnt about the manufacturing process and working conditions I then discovered that there was a massive difference between natural incense and synthetic incense. The use of synthetic incense with harsh chemicals can be seriously bad for your health over time.

In the end I settled for the Satya brand. Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the producer of the world famed creation of Satya incense.

All of these products are Masala based hand rolled incense. The employees are skilled artisans, many having gained expertise from years of hand-rolling and handcrafting of incense. These artisans are trained in the exact measure of “flora” or incense blend required for the making of a perfect and uniform hand rolled stick.

With over 36 different aromas available I then had to decide which ones to stock. Finally, after several weeks of reading, making lists and comparing, I selected 5 aromas from the Satya range to compliment the Citronella I already have in stock. I wanted each aroma to represent our various needs in life.

The following incense is now available:


Mood/Inspiration: The sing-song chorus of garden birds.

Description/Key Notes: Citronella is best known for its strong and distinctive aroma.

Use: The health benefits of citronella can be attributed to its properties as an antibacterial, antidepressant, deodorant and insect repellent. Wards off mosquitos – light several sticks around the area where you are sitting on an evening.


Mood/Inspiration: Sheltering under a tree during a passing shower.

Description/Key Notes: Woody, Sacred, Devotional

Use: White Sage flora incense helps release and cleanse energy from your space and provides protection. Used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing, purification, warding off evil spirits, and negative energies.” White sage clears all energies; both positive and negative. An ideal incense for clearing dowsing pendulums, tarot cards and gemstones.


Mood/Inspiration: Rosemary is a highly stimulating invigorating fragrance, evoking in the senses a touch of rich evergreen forests

Description/Key Notes: It has a piney aroma and a distinctive sharp flavour.

Use: Lighting this incense brings about an immediate change of mood in the room. One effect of its aromatic strength is clarity, making it a good fragrance for study of meditation. During times of stress, this fragrance supports change, growth and inspiration. Promotes restful sleep and pleasant dreams.


Mood/Inspiration: Finding old bookmarks and fond memories in journals.

Description/Key Notes: Floral, Sweet, Yielding

Use: The yielding aroma of Rose flora incense helps gently alleviate anxiety and depression and correct hormonal imbalances. Uplifts the spirit. Burned to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, house blessing, fertility, healing and attract love. Rose incense is used in all forms of love enchantment and possesses the strongest love vibration of any magical incense.


Mood/Inspiration: A walk through the woods.

Description/Key Notes: Sweet, Minty, Enriching

Use: Palo Santo incense supports and encourages taking the initiative and enhances creativity. It is also an effective mosquito repellent and can be used as an alternative to or in association with Citronella to ward off insects. Palo Santo can be used to clear any negative energies or spaces. It can also be used as a compliment to White Sage when cleansing energies. Palo Santo, unlike White sage will clear negativity but

will not remove any positive energies from a space.


Mood/Inspiration: The peaceful environment at a monastery

Description/Key Notes: Sacred, Sublime, Woody

Use: The healing aroma of Sandalwood incense can be used to promote feelings of serenity and to ease irritability and aggression. This incense also acts as an aid to meditation and deep relaxation. Probably the most familiar incense fragrance in the world with its sweet soft and mildly woody aroma. Heightens concentration, burned to exorcise demons and evil ghosts, conjure beneficial spirits, and promote spiritual

awareness. Sandalwood incense is also used for protection, astral projection, healing rituals and in wish making.

The smell of incense can trigger a certain response in the human body and mind. Incense can be used to encourage relaxation, aid sleep, promote concentration, stimulate creativity, increase motivation, assist in emotional release and even heighten sexual desire. Throughout time most religions have turned to incense

in response to certain rituals and practices. Specific fragrances or ingredients can be used for specific purposes. Complimentary fragrances can be burnt simultaneously or several sticks of the same fragrance at the same time. The art of burning incense is to fit the fragrance to the purpose and to ensure that the incense you choose to use is natural, hand-crafted and ethically sourced.

There is currently a special offer available if you fancy combining the different aromas or simply stocking up on your favourite. Buy 6 packs for the price of 5. Remember to enter the following code at checkout - 6sens6



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