Green with envy or just a prickly subject?

Much to the annoyance and frustration of my daughter and husband I wander round the village market in Sérignan and spend most of my time chatting to stall holders and then bumping into friends and prolonging the agony of my impatient family. This morning Manon Lily decided to stay away and allow Papa the priviledge of accompanying me and having the honourable task of carrying the panier! 

Much to his amazement I zipped past my regular clothes stalls, nodding at the regular stall holders and quickly giving a once over to possible outfits..... today we needed to replenish our vegetables, slightly more pressing than my wardrobe!

As usual Andy strolled on ahead and then waited for me to catch up.... when he saw me take out my phone I saw a look of exasperation cross his face.... I had been captivated by the colours this morning and needed to photograph them!

Whilst the vegetable stalls were laden down with reds and oranges from Morocco and Spain it was the local green which caught my attention..... the delicate greens with hues of mauve and purple.

At this point I did turn and chat to the stall holder! I have always been captivated by the "artichauts" and whilst I love them on pizzas, I have no idea how to cook them. I recall a meal as a French student in Champigny sur Marne sitting snapping the leaves off, sprinkling salt on them and washing them down with a piece of baguette lashings of butter and I glug of Chardonnay but I didn't think this would win over the family.... so I enquired "que faire..." my innocent question resulted in a queue a mile long behind me as the old lady in front and the stall holder proceeded to give me their favourite tips on how to prepare, boil and eat them! Watch this space..... in the meantime I had selected from the same stall holder her stunning  "asperges non traitées"

And so lunch beckons. Asperges à la plancha with softly boiled eggs (also bought from the local producteur). 

Green with envy by any chance?

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