Hands off my energies!

How many times do you find yourself in a situation where someone drains your energies? When you walk away you feel completely empty, exhausted and in need of time to pull yourself back together?

Or you just know that someone you have to deal with on a daily basis fills you with dread. Their negativity seeps through into your energy field and you can't fight it or them off.

I personally call on labradorite when I need that extra layer of protection. No matter how well grounded, protected, connected I feel it is often an extra layer around my aura. Labradorite is a powerful shield.

Be kind to yourself, live for the present and put your own positive energies before the negative energies of others.


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Due to the current pandemic we are forced to limit the number of visitors in the Atelier-Boutique at any one time.

We obviously encourage you to visit by appointment however we understand this isn't always possible.

We ask for your respect & patience if you have to wait.

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