Interactive Oracle / Tarot No.3 – The week ahead

The full moon on the 2nd, the start of a new month, spring around the corner…. no time like the present to ask yourself what lies ahead this week. Simply allow your intuition to guide you to one of the following 3 cards and leave a comment below.

My interpretation will be posted in 24 hours. This time, fingers crossed no computer glitches! So “What do I need to be aware of this week?” The cards are from Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid If you are interested in a more in-depth personal reading then please do contact me. Thank you for taking part – here is my interpretation of the 3 cards.

No.1 – Breathe Take a step back and look long and hard about what you have in mind. Ask yourself if you have really thought things through? Now is not the time for rushing bull headed into a new project. You need to stop, look, listen and reflect. Slow & steady for once! No. 2 – Round & Round Yes, it’s the same old story told and heard time and time again. Where is it getting you? All you seem to do is see / hear / experience the same thing. Perhaps this time it may be different? No it’s the same track just a different angle. Now is the time to break that spiral. Stop putting your belief and trust in those who disappoint. Try and look from above the track and alter the flow. No.3 – Loyal Heart Loyalty, fidelity and trust are key words this week. If you have been searching for some reassurance with someone or something now is the time to believe in the sincerity. The evidence you have been searching for will become apparent.




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