Interactive Oracle / Tarot No.4 – Let’s Spring Forward!

I am celebrating finishing a week of transferring my website away from my old host of 15 years to a new secure provider! It was not planned but hey ho! I am pleased with the results. It still needs some tinkering but the essence is there. What’s great is that I have even managed to embed this blog into the website so it’s all under one colourful roof. See for yourself! Lunes Website So to celebrate and to make up for a few weeks of absence I thought I would offer you the opportunity to choose 2 cards…. 1 from the top row from the wonderful “Wisdom of the Oracle” deck and the other from a brand new deck which I am still trying to master! The second deck is “Les Couleurs Racontent” by William Berton and as you will see when I reveal them they are very very different.

So, over to you. My focus was: Wisdom Row : What do I need to know as I move forward this weekend into Spring Time? Colour Row: How do I need to experience this? Should you wish to play along simply leave a comment W=___ : C = ___ I will post my answers in 24 hours time….. And if you are interested in a more in-depth reading please do contact me….

For some of you who have had personal readings, a couple of these cards are re-appearing! Interesting to see that “Loyal Heart” is back again! As for the colour row – I would love to hear your thoughts and would be happy to offer a couple of “free” personal question readings in private via e-mail if anyone is interested? I am still very much feeling my way with these cards. They benefit from well formed direct questions. I will write a blog post about them to give you more background this coming week. So, here is my interpretation based on the questions… Wisdom Row : What do I need to know as I move forward this weekend into Spring Time? Regeneration – this is a time for new growth, opportunities and beginnings. Take action – be proactive. After what has felt like hitting a brick wall, now is the time to see the blossom. (Ironic it’s Spring too!) Imagine – Stop, sit back and use your imagination for once. Now may not be the time to do things by the book. Try and think outside the box. You can imagine the possible if only you allow yourself to get lost once in a while. Loyal Heart – sincerity, honesty and loyalty are words you want to hear yet you are not always convinced that the person or situation is real. As a new season emerges now is the time to give that person / situation a chance and believe in those words or actions. Colour Row: How do I need to experience this? Keep in mind your Wisdom card above and try and apply the following…. 27. Brown – you have reached a point where you have accepted that what has happened has happened and there is no going back. You have nothing to reproach anyone for. Move on – don’t waste anymore time. 17. Indigo C – you need to decide if you are going to carry on playing the victim. You are perfectly aware of the role you play, the scenarios you create… try and break away from those mental repetitive scenarios. 8. Yellow C – now is the time to stop and think of yourself. Take a look at your appearance. It’s about time you started recognising and appreciating your own qualities. I welcome your feedback! And don’t forget to Spring Forward!

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