Let's shake it about!

You put your whole self in.... you pull your whole self out.... in out in out and shake it all about....

I'm sure we can all relate to this feeling at some stage in life!

On many occasions I have been asked or been told.....

"So what is it you do exactly?"

"Do you read fortunes?"

"Oh no, Tarot is way too scary "

So now's the time to shake the bag and discover what actually goes on during a reading!

What’s it all about?

How often do you actually just stop, stand still and look at what's in front of you? The here and now of today? How much time do you spend reflecting on the past, letting go where necessary or counting down the days to "X" in the future? We are so busy looking backwards or searching forwards that we forget the very essence of now - today.

We all face challenges from time to time in our lives, whether they are emotional, spiritual or physical. We so often think that we have turned that page, moved on from that chapter but in fact somewhere along the line we either missed the full stop or chose to ignore it! Talking to friends and “off loading” often means that what you hear is what you want to hear but is it frank? Is it real? Can you move on? What is really stopping you from letting go, finding that extra hour or simply being just you today? It may be that you are currently feeling overwhelmed and have no idea which way to turn, which path to follow. There may be an area in your life that is creating anxiety, or perhaps you're wondering if you are actually on the right path at all.

Kylee has worked intuitively for over 12 years. She uses a range of card decks to access guidance and clarity into your current situation. Her sessions are gentle yet empowering and often viewed as an immense relief. By the end of the session, you will hopefully have a greater understanding regarding the here and now in your life, its intricacies and how best to maintain and nourish it or alternatively influence it in order to bring about positive change. Kylee is not a fortune teller, doctor or bank manager!

As a result of a card reading Kylee may suggest a range of gemstones from the Bar à Pierres to accompany your current situation.

To find out what other people say about their experience see here.

And remember we are all free to act accordingly and make our own choices in life.

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