Words of Wisdom from the Wings of Angels

I love the beach at Sérignan Plage. It holds beautiful memories of a 10 year old English girl discovering the golden sand for the very first time, making new friends and learning to speak French.

Fast forward a few years and suddenly that 10 year old girl is now a campsite receptionist whilst preparing to study French at university.

Fast forward another handful of years and that 10 year old girl is now mourning the loss of her father, taken far too soon from Sérignan.....

Let's jump forward a few more years and that girl is now introducing her future husband to the beach. It doesn't take long for him to be equally enchanted by the place. The lure of the sea air, the walks along the beach, the balmy nights.

Fast forward again a few years and the 10 year old girl is now married and moved permanently to France. Sérignan has now gone from being just merely a summer holiday destination. It's a place within easy reach, a place called second home.

Let's fast forward some more years and suddenly that 10 year old girl is holding her own baby down by the sea shore - tears of joy as that tiny miracle experiences the sand for the first time and suddenly she is also caught up in the tangled web that is Sérignan Plage....

So is it any surprise that 38 years after first stepping on the beach that I decide to wander yet again and search for something which will connect my love for the area with the spiritual side of my work? Obviously working with Oracle & Tarot cards means that I am constantly thinking about messages, signs, meanings.... and so the desire to make my own becomes even more pressing. Why settle for paper when the beach is strewn with pebbles, glass and tiny "angel wings"..... and so begins the collection of these tiny broken "tellines" wings. Wings that have sheltered, provided a home and safe place to tiny molluscs. Wings that have been discarded, split open, torn apart are suddenly being given another purpose, another reason for being.

And so life goes on - that 10 year old girl is much older and wiser now; ironically with a 10 year old daughter of her own who is without a doubt experiencing the love, joy, pleasure and sometimes heartache that Sérignan Plage offers.

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