Bracelet: Solo 3mm

Bracelet: Solo 3mm


Create your own micro-faceted natural stone bracelet. The stones measure about 3mm - so quite small .

To design your own bespoke bracelet simply select your choice of natural gemstone and finish.

The bracelet will be made according to the indicated final size. It must be respected that a single wrist measurement can not exceed 22 cm.

You are responsible for choosing and measuring your wrist, please see the guidelines below. Any order where the dimensions and wrists do not match will be automatically declined. If you are in any doubt about the correct size please do contact Kylee and she will respond within 24 hours.


Composez vous même votre bracelet en pierres-fines naturelles micro facettées. Les pierres mesurent environ 3mm - donc assez petites

Choisissiez vos pierres, puis votre finition et indiquez vos dimensions.

Le bracelet sera confectionné selon la taille finale indiquée. Il faut bien respecter qu'un tour de poignet ne peut pas dépasser 22 cm 

Vous êtes responsable pour bien choisir et mesurer votre poignet pour calculer vos dimensions. 

Stones - Pierres
Sterling Silver Finish - Finition Argent Massif

HOW TO MEASURE: It is essential to know your wrist size so that you can have a bracelet that is a great fit.

To measure your wrist you will need a flexible dressmaker's tape measure or a piece of ribbon / cord and a ruler. Wrap the tape around your wrist the required number of times taking care to leave a finger between your skin and the tape If you are measuring with string, you will then need to measure this against a ruler.

Write down the next whole number which follows. Then choose the way you want to wear the bracelet:

Close to your skin : add 0.5 - 1cm

Loose : add 1cm - 1.5cm

Write down your result : _______________ Your bracelet will be made according to the measure you give.


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Due to the current pandemic we are unable to open the Atelier-Boutique to receive clients. However, you can buy here on line, arrange a virtual tour of our Boutique and order products for delivery or collection. We are still creating and trying to remain as positive & optimistic as possible!

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