Mantra "ConneXion" Bracelet

Mantra "ConneXion" Bracelet

Make a permanent Mantra ConneXion - with yourself or with someone else.... 


A beautiful delicate dainty bracelet with 2mm - 3mm micro facet natural gemstones finished with gold filled or sterling silver beads on silk thread.


There is no clasp. Simply tie securely. 


Ask someone else to tie the bracelet for you. It is easier this way.
To tie securely and permanently place your little finger between your wrist and the knot. 
Make a triple knot, one on top of the other. Repeat your Mantra for each knot. 

Please refer to the A-Z for gemstone properties or select your Mantra:


Aquamarine - I am calm

Amethyst - I believe in myself

Black Spinel - I am living in the present

Carnelian - I am full of positive energy

Garnet - I am passionate

Iolite - I am responsible for my own actions

Jasper Picture - I am authentic

Labradorite - I am protected

Lapis-Lazuli - I shine for myself
Larimar - I am serene

Moonstone - I embody my sacred femininity

Peridot - I am faithful 

Pink Tourmaline - I am in love with myself

Rhodonite - I am truly capable 

Rose Quartz - I love myself

Sunstone - I radiate

Smoky Quartz - I am grounded

Tigers Eye - I am courageous

Zoisite with Ruby - I live the magic of life


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