Flamingo Art


Hand made using recycled wine barrel hoops. Solo, couple or even a flamboyance of flamingos to decorate your garden or outside areas.

Please note these are handmade and no two flamingos are the same.

Total height is approximately 1 metre.

Flamingo base 50cm mandrel

Flamingo body approximately 60cm high and 50cm wide.

For shipping purposes the flamingo base will be dismantled. Please note that we can send a maximum of 3 together as a flat rate shipping price.



Atelier - Boutique

Open by appointment only

Mondays & Tuesdays

during the summer season.

Ouvert lundi & mardi exclusivement sur rendez-vous pendant la saison estivale. 

21 rue des Vignerons

11200 Luc sur Orbieu

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