Stacking Rings - Esprit de Lunes

Stacking Rings - Esprit de Lunes


Beautiful dainty ring with a combination of natural micro facet gemstones and 3mm sterling silver or 14kt gold filled beads. Wear alone or combine - see photos.


The stones are threaded onto a stainless steel nylon coated wire and secured with either sterling silver beads or 14kt gold filled beads.


It is important that you select the correct size. Please refer to size chart in the information section.


Belle bague délicate crée avec des pierres naturelles micro facettées et des perles en argent massif ou 14kt or rempli. Porter seule ou à combiner - empiler, voir les photos.

Les pierres sont enfilées sur un fil d'acier recouvert de nylon et fixées avec des perles en argent massif ou 14kt or rempli.

Il est important que vous sélectionniez la taille correcte. Veuillez vous référer au tableau des tailles dans la section information.

Finish - Finition
Stones - Pierres

Gemstones or round beads fit slightly different to a single band ring of metal. If the ring is overstretched the stones rubbed together could crack. These rings should fit with ease on the finger. Remember the ring needs to fit over your knuckle. If in doubt increase the size by one rather than decrease.

Please note - care should be taken when wearing these delicate rings.

Sizes available are as follows

Fr size UK Size
49 J
50 K
51 L
52 L1/2
53 M
54 N
55 O
56 P
57 Q
58 Q1/2
59 R
60 S
61 T
62 T1/2
63 U
64 V

If you require a smaller or bigger size or you are in doubt,  please contact me.



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Due to the current pandemic we are unable to open the Atelier-Boutique to receive clients. However, you can buy here on line, arrange a virtual tour of our Boutique and order products for delivery or collection. We are still creating and trying to remain as positive & optimistic as possible!

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