Sunstone - natural stones - triple wrap bracelet

Sunstone - natural stones - triple wrap bracelet

Triple wrap sunstone bracelet - a triple wrap can also be worn as a necklace
Micro Facet natural stones - size 2mm
Choice of silver or gold filled finish.
Choose your size: 
TRIO - 3 WrapsXS = 50cm 
S = 52.5cm
M = 55cm
L = 57.5cm
XL = 60cm
Chakra: Plexus Solaire / SacralÉlément: FireKeywords: Leadership, benevolance, strengthMantra: "I claim my true place of leadership, I can give & receive equally".
Un bracelet trio 3 tours en pierre de soleil.
Pierres naturelles Micro Facet - taille 2mm
Choix de finition argent massif - gf Gold Filled / Or Rempli
Choisissez votre taille:
Trio - 2 Tours
XS = 50cm 
S = 52.5cm
M = 55cm
L = 57.5cm
XL = 60cm
Chakra: Plexus solaire - Sacral
Élément: Feu
Mots-clés: Leadership / competence, bienveillance, force
Mantra: "Je revendique ma véritable place de leadership, je peux autant donner que recevoir".
Finish - Finition

HOW TO MEASURE: It is essential to know your wrist size so that you can have a bracelet that is a great fit.

To measure your wrist you will need a flexible dressmaker's tape measure or a piece of ribbon / cord and a ruler. Wrap the tape around your wrist the required number of times taking care to leave a finger between your skin and the tape If you are measuring with string, you will then need to measure this against a ruler.

Write down the next whole number which follows. Then choose the way you want to wear the bracelet:

Close to your skin : add 0.5 - 1cm

Loose : add 1 - 1.5cm

Write down your result : _______________ 
Please check that the size available matches your requirements.


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